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My expertise is in supporting the arts through engaging and informative writing in local arts and cultural magazines, journals, and blogs. As a freelance arts & cultural writer, I interview and profile musicians, artists, actors, directors, and influencers.

I’ve been a reader my whole life, a lover of words and the worlds formed of words. It has only been in the last few years that I have felt the freedom and audacity to begin my own creative writing. I am currently playing with erasure and found poetry as well as short comedic and satirical pieces.

Reviewing plays, concerts, films, and books for a variety of publications, from academic journals to local arts newspapers is another one of my favorite modes of writing.

As a scholar of early modern English literature and drama, my academic writing brings the body and the senses to the forefront, highlighting phenomenological and subjective experiences.

I love talking to people. And I love speaking passionately about a variety of topics from Shakespeare to horror films. I will talk to almost anyone about almost anything. (Maybe not sports.)

Please email me at writing@colleen-kennedy.com for writing samples, or to inquire about writing or speaking opportunities.

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