I left teaching at the college-level in autumn 2018, after 16 years in the college classroom. Along the way I’ve taught thousands of students at colleges and universities across NY, PA, OH, and IA from first-year composition courses to upper-level Shakespeare and Renaissance courses, from literature courses for elementary education majors to drama courses for theatre majors. I studied dramatic inquiry and drama-based pedagogy with the Royal Shakespeare Company’s Stand-Up for Shakespeare America! collaborative at the Ohio State University and at Stratford-upon-Avon, and I received several awards, grants, and accolades for my innovative teaching practices.

I continue that path as a teaching theatre artist, teaching courses such as Shakespearean Script Analysis, Revenge Tragedies: A Study of a Renaissance Genre, and Shakespeare’s Social and Theatrical Context.

I have years of experience collaborating with university professors of the arts, humanities, and education, and educators who teach middle and high school English language arts, history, and drama classes in creating dynamic and dramatic-focused lesson plans for literature, theatre, and creative writing assignments.

I am available to speak to your class (via Zoom) about topics related to Shakespeare, early modern literature, drama, culture, and history, or to lead a theatre workshop. Please send any inquiries to teaching@colleen-kennedy.com

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